10Mbps/01.Mbps Unlimited Internet

Customized for Macedonian Village (Whitby) Ontario.
.What is Wireless Broadband?

Ditchit Canada (1st choice in TV,Phone and Internet services) offers
wireless Broadband Internet services
without the need of hard-wiring from our network to yours.

(multiple input, multiple output) is a wireless technology installed by Ditchit Canada for high speed communications.

Ditchit Canada utilizes the fastest and most reliable MIMO(4X4X4) communication circuits.
Minimizes dropouts and prolonged latency.
Optimizes reliable ultimate data speeds at 99.99%.

What is the Promo?.
Unlimited Wireless Broadband High Speed Internet

Customized for Macedonian Village (Whitby) Ontario.
Wireless Connection up to 10Mbps/01Mbps
Limited Time Offer
• Unlimited Internet
• Unlimited Bandwidth
• No Contract
• No Credit Check

How to Use our services?
• Connect our hardware (MIMO; installed by our Technicians) to your existing modem/router.
• Connect power supply.
• Start Browsing.

Whats the associated costs?
As our services are not dependent on contract nor credit; we operate on Pay As You Go.
With this in mind, services and installation fees(if any) are charged in advance.

What does this mean?
• You pay 1 flat monthly fee per month...no surprises.

Whats the monthly price?
• Unlimited Broadband Internet at 10/01Mbps $119.99 (limited time)

Whats the Initial costs?
• Services (1st & last month)
• Ditchit Canada Modem/Wifi Rotor (lease )
• MIMO 4X4X4 Broadband RX (lease )
• Network Access & Activation (1 time fee)
• Installation :3-5 business days (1 time fee)

$119.99 $99.99

Available Options:

1st & Last Months Fee:

Activate and Install (3-7 days):

MIMO Broadband RX:


Network Activate & Access: