Unlimited Internet 100Mbps

100 Mbps download/ 10 Mbps Upload

Service at this speed will allow:
• High-bandwidth devices operating at the same time
• Multiple connection without delays,
• HD TV programming
• HD video surveillance
• Video conferencing (multiple users),
• Remote super-computing,
• Real-time data collection,
• Real-time consultation
• HD TV programming
• IPTV (internet TV) High Definition
• Video-on-demand services,
• Web-based applications
• Cloud services
• Multi Users
• Multi-devices
• Online gaming
• Web-based applications
• Video-on-demand services,
• File sharing,
• E-mailing,
• Music streaming,
• Video streaming

Whats the associated costs?
Ditchit Canada makes it simple...no complications...no restrictions.
As our services are not dependent on contract nor credit;we operate on Pay As You Go.
Service and installation fees(if any) are charged in advance.
Once initial payment has been received, we will advise you within 24 hrs of your scheduled installation date.
When can service be installed?
Installation :3-7 business days.

Available Options:

Activate and Install (3-7 days):